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Simply put, we’re a Digital First, integrated Brand Communications Agency, constantly looking for ways to connect with consumers in a way that resonates with their heart and reasons with their mind. By now, you might be wondering about our name, LeftRight. Well, we approach every job using this methodology: We touch your heart with passion and reason with your mind for logic. This ensures that our communication is clear, smart and intelligent and then we add the heart to make it stand out, make it memorable and make people love it. Heart and mind. Pure and simple.

Meet Our Team

Peter Taylor

Senior Director London

Dylan Pooley

Senior Director London

Emily Pryor

Senior Director South Africa

Ingrid Saffy

Senior Director South Africa

Steve Frans

Financial Manager

Michele Rogers

Account Executive

Lauren Badenhorst

Account Director

Karabo mashele

Jnr. Multimedia Designer

Chiara Caldora

Art Director

Nono Maseko

Office Coordinator

Our Services

Robust strategies incubate results driven communication. And this is why we go to great lengths to understand markets, research products, and tap into insights that influence human behaviour. Strategy moves us forward.

Design is not just about the way that something looks. It’s the way it behaves and the way that you behave when looking at it. Design moves us within.

The fact that people have taken time out of their days to click, swipe, or scroll on something we’ve produced, is not be taken lightly. Out of all the millions of things they could be looking at, if they have chosen to look at something we’ve created, we want to make it worth their while. Because, if we do that, we can make more than an impression, we can make a connection. Interactive moves us together.

LeftRight offers creative communication solutions to business problems. It is the vessel used to make an impact. Whether its short, punchy, elaborate or bold, it is there to cause action - To take what was stationary and compel it to move. Advertising moves us to act.


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Our edge is most definitely tailor-making a creative concept that will not only appeal to your target market but that will translate into sales. We pride ourselves in the latest digital technology and have staff that build processes that can measure each campaign. The global trend is that you need to reach the consumer where they are at, which is predominantly in the online/digital space, yet, we cannot forget the fact that the brand needs to be visible offline. We exist to strategically meet the clients objectives by taking the consumer through a user journey that will lead to the eventual sale. The big idea is to build automated processes into our plans that require very little man power, but that builds accurate databases and loyal customers, with communication to consumers that is filtered and well thought through. This is where the edge is in advertising Space..

What we say?

Advertising is about the mind and the heart, it's about the left brain and the right. It’s about doing good and feeling good. It’s about brand love and consumer love. It’s functional and emotional. Get this right and all else will follow.

What people say?

LeftRight has a winning formula with a solid combination of emotion and function. Logic leads the heart of what they do and their campaigns deliver the perfect mix to achieve the results we need. In a nutshell SUCCESS!

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